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ZDOROVI and leading humanitarian organizations discussed assistance to war victims

09:00 25 янв 2024.  2298Читайте на: УКРРУС

Kyiv hosted the first seminar of the series "Supporting Victims of War: Coordination and Cooperation". It was organized by the Aspen Institute Kyiv.

Leading humanitarian organizations took part in the workshop and considered mechanisms for effective coordination of representatives of the public sector, charitable organizations and international partners.

The meeting helped to identify the main areas that require solutions for the development of the humanitarian aid system, including: establishing transparent rules of interaction, taking into account the peculiarities of wartime, government leadership in legislative changes, accounting and monitoring the needs of the affected population, and improving the humanitarian response system.

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Natalia Tulinova, founder of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI, said that effective coordination between humanitarian actors made it possible to build a solid foundation for Ukraine's post-war recovery.

The philanthropist noted that it is impossible to assess the full extent of the war's consequences because it is ongoing. But she noted that we need to focus on a systemic strategy to help the population of Ukraine in the humanitarian sphere.

"We are all working in an emergency response mode, but it is time to pay attention to the systemic strategy of the humanitarian sphere that will help the population of Ukraine in the coming years. There are many long-term processes at the legislative level that need to be worked out today and take into account the practical experience that industry stakeholders have gained over the past two years. Therefore, such dialogues between us are a valuable opportunity for global influence on helping the war victims today and in the future," said Natalia Tulinova.

In December 2023, ZDOROVI founder Natalia Tulinova became a member of SAG, the Health Cluster's Steering Advisory Group at OCHA. Recently, the SAG, which includes two Ukrainian and three international organizations, voted on the strategic revision of the First Standard Allocation of UHF (Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund) funds for 2024. "I learned a lot from my foreign colleagues. I shared a lot of knowledge about the healthcare system and the structure of medical care," said Natalia Tulinova.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI has made 2307 deliveries of medical supplies to 841 medical institutions in 374 settlements of Ukraine. Among them are cities and towns in 24 regions, i.e. the whole of Ukraine except for the annexed peninsula of Crimea. The large-scale humanitarian work of ZDOROVI is carried out through cooperation with international partners, including MedShare, Embrace, Razom for Ukraine, Nova Ukraine, Americares, USAID, Philips and other charitable foundations and organizations.

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