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ZDOROVI sent more than two thousand medical supplies with humanitarian aid to Ukrainian hospitals

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The National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI took part in a meeting of healthcare leaders.

The focus group of leading industry players was conducted as part of a study by RISE Ukraine - Coalition for Reconstruction in cooperation with the Institute of Analytics and Advocacy.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI, the Ukrainian Center for Health Care, the European Institute for Public Health Policy, and the Academy of Family Medicine.

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Challenges and priorities of reconstruction in the healthcare sector were the main topic of discussion. The focus group participants discussed a strategy for addressing the challenges faced by Ukrainian healthcare as a result of Russian aggression. As a result of the discussion, they identified priority areas that require attention for the restoration of the industry: infrastructure optimization, solving the demographic crisis among doctors and medical specialists, and establishing effective interaction between the public sector and the government.

The National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI has delivered 2,307 medical supplies to 841 medical institutions in 374 Ukrainian cities and towns. Among them are cities and towns in 24 regions, i.e. the whole of Ukraine, except for the annexed peninsula of Crimea.

This was stated by Natalia Tulinova, founder of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI: "This year, our ZDOROVI team continued its activities as a charitable foundation for emergency humanitarian response and expanded its development vector by creating monitoring, research and educational projects. I consider one of the big victories to be that we were able to organize the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals in Luhansk Oblast, most of which is under occupation. We have conducted several monitoring missions in the de-occupied territories of Kherson and Kharkiv regions, Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions, and are helping to restore the work of medical institutions destroyed by the occupiers".

Natalia Tulinova also emphasized the importance of meetings of healthcare leaders, noting that the exchange of experience will help in the future reconstruction.

"Such meetings are very important for the industry as a whole, because each of the participants has their own experience of overcoming numerous challenges related to the operation of medical facilities in war. In fact, we are now gaining and developing the experience that will become the foundation for future reconstruction. That is why we always support the interaction of active organizations that are saving Ukrainian healthcare today and making efforts to build long-term relationships between medical institutions, the public and civil society sectors, foreign partners and donors".

The large-scale humanitarian work of ZDOROVI is carried out through cooperation with international partners, including MedShare, Embrace, RAZOM for UKRAINE, NOVA Ukraine, Americares, USAID, PHILIPS and other charitable foundations and organizations.

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