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Kateryna Odarchenko Hosts Veterans and Charity Golf Tournament Team at Historic Republican Club on Capitol Hill

07:42 12 июн 2024.  1435Читайте на: УКРРУС

Kateryna Odarchenko recently hosted an event for esteemed veterans and the team behind the charity golf tournament at the historic Republican Capital Hill Club on Capitol Hill.

The gathering served as a platform to exchange valuable insights on the benefits of golf programs for veterans as a method of rehabilitation. 

Odarchenko emphasized the contributions of Alexander Kikin, one of the movement's ambassadors, who shared his personal journey and experience. The event also featured an in-depth discussion with Azov veterans about lobbying for veterans' interests in Washington and the importance of including these programs in ongoing cooperation between Ukraine and the USA. This topic has been the focus of several analytical reports previously conducted by Odarchenko and her team. 

"I am grateful for the warm meeting and the efforts dedicated to supporting Ukraine. I will continue to promote these programs and topics here on Capitol Hill in dialogue with both the Republican and Democratic parties," said Odarchenko. 

The event was organized with the help of Veronika Mykula and Dmytro Terpilo, whose efforts were crucial in making the gathering a success.

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