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International conference on Ukraine's recovery held in Berlin

The Recover Ukraine 2024 conference brought together more than 120 European charitable and civil society organizations in Berlin to help Ukraine.

22:57 02 май 2024.

International conference on humanitarian issues to be held in Ukraine

The international humanitarian conference "New Medicine - RAZOM" organized by the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI and the "Together for Ukraine" Charitable Foundation will be held in Ukraine.

14:10 20 фев 2024.

Religious Diplomacy: Ukrainian delegation meets with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson

A group of clergymen from the Evangelical churches of Ukraine had a friendly fraternal meeting with their brother in faith, Mike Johnson, who is also a U.S. Congressional Special Representative.

11:30 03 фев 2024.

Ukrainian doctors to learn how to communicate with veterans

More than 900,000 veterans of Russia's war against Ukraine are registered in Ukraine.

15:10 02 фев 2024.

ZDOROVI and leading humanitarian organizations discussed assistance to war victims

Kyiv hosted the first seminar of the series "Supporting Victims of War: Coordination and Cooperation". It was organized by the Aspen Institute Kyiv.

09:00 25 янв 2024.

Results of 2023: ZDOROVI delivered medical care to 630 hospitals across Ukraine

The National Agency humanitarian aid ZDOROVI delivered medical supplies to 630 hospitals from all regions of Ukraine in 2023.

15:10 10 янв 2024.

Kateryna Odarchenko asked the House of Representatives in Washington to approve critical aid to Ukraine

On behalf of the more than one million Ukrainian-Americans and the majority of American voters who support continued military aid to Ukraine, we write to urge all members of the House of Representatives to support a bipartisan agreement to approve crucial aid for Ukraine.

13:00 08 янв 2024.

Tymoshenko presents the concept of "fair mobilization" of Ukrainians

We must adopt a draft law on mobilization in a form that does not cause controversy in society and does not deepen the existing crisis.

09:30 06 янв 2024.

Zelenskyi named the number of victims from today's Russia shelling

4 people were killed and 92 wounded.

14:25 02 янв 2024.