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A project office to help medical institutions and doctors is operating in Ukraine

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The project office of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI is focused on implementing systemic changes in the medical sector.

Conducts large-scale research on the state of medicine during the war, helps hospitals build cooperation with foreign donors to improve the quality of medical care, conducts educational projects to raise awareness of medical teams on how to interact with vulnerable patient groups, including war veterans, shares expertise in medical marketing and management to create a new quality of processes within medical institutions.

"The work of our project office is focused on helping healthcare managers and doctors make important changes within the system. We are all now participants in major transformation processes. On the one hand, Russian troops are brutally destroying and destroying medical infrastructure, and on the other hand, we have received such powerful interaction with other countries that we did not have before. But medicine in Europe operates according to the rules and regulations that are still being gradually implemented in Ukraine. And hospitals need help right now. Therefore, our team is actively working to ensure that this integration is successful and efficient. Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, we have built a large network of partnerships in different countries and have become a recognized leader in the humanitarian sector. That is why we share our experience and expertise with our colleagues, medical managers and doctors to change the system from within, adapting it to international norms and standards. We teach medical institutions to raise funds for infrastructure and organizational needs. We help them to cope with wartime crises and shortages and to see a large-scale development perspective after the victory," said Natalia Tulinova, founder of ZDOROVI.

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During 2023, the ZDOROVI team conducted four quarterly surveys of the state of medicine - Barometer. The study covered 24 regions of Ukraine and demonstrated the real situation in the industry. Based on the survey results, new partnerships with international donors and foundations were formed to provide targeted assistance to hospitals affected by the war, including those in the de-occupied and frontline areas.

The ZDOROVI team has implemented several educational programs to counter the effects of war. This includes the "Doctor-Veteran" project, aimed at forming high-quality communication and medical support for war veterans, which continues in 2024. Medical teams from different regions also had the opportunity to learn leadership during a crisis, which ensures the effectiveness of processes within the institutions.

Another ZDOROVI project was the launch of the Grant Hub as a communication and educational platform for building sustainable ties between Ukrainian hospitals and foreign donors. As part of the hub's work, medical institutions gain experience in submitting their projects for grant assistance to improve hospital infrastructure, provide necessary furniture, equipment, and medicines.

According to Olena Kukharets, ZDOROVI's project manager: "Our team has extensive experience working with foreign partners. Currently, we are acting as a kind of analytical and communication center, forming relationships that help Ukrainian medicine to withstand the pressure of wartime, and the international community to make sure that we in Ukraine are ready to work openly, systematically and with integrity. We feel responsible for impressing our partners about humanitarian cooperation with our country, so we make every effort to develop transparent and patient-centered processes in the sector."

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