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The AMERICARES Foundation rated the work of the ZDOROVI agency as “excellent”

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Recently, a monitoring mission of AMERICARES inspectors visited the warehouse of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI.

This foundation makes a significant contribution to supporting the sustainability of Ukrainian medicine and is one of the key partners of the ZDOROVI agency, which is actively working to develop and strengthen partnerships with foreign donors who are helping Ukraine during the war.

The purpose of the visit was to check the proper storage of the humanitarian aid, its targeted distribution to medical institutions, and the accompanying documents at all stages of the humanitarian aid movement, starting from the moment of registration in the warehouse's electronic accounting system and ending with the check of the automatic reporting system. The warehouse was evaluated based on 36 criteria, most of which received the highest score.

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This is not the first such event organized by the agency's partners. According to Natalia Tulinova, founder of the National Humanitarian Aid Agency ZDOROVI: “Our team has repeatedly undergone audits and monitoring visits with good results, as the work process is organized transparently and in accordance with international standards and policies. We take into account the best practices of our colleagues from different countries to constantly improve the level of work in the humanitarian sector. Having gained valuable experience and tools for cooperation, we share it with the national humanitarian sector.”

Natalia Tulinova says: “The agency's team pays maximum attention to integrating international standards of work into all aspects of the organization's activities. Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, we have sent more than 2,000 shipments from foreign partners to medical institutions. This is a large and complex logistical and organizational work that we carry out every day.”

ZDOROVI's large-scale humanitarian work is carried out in cooperation with international partners, including ISAR Ednannia, RAZOM for UKRAINE, NOVA Ukraine, Americares, Philips, the Dutch Refugee Council, GIZ, Projecten Vastenactie and other charitable foundations and organizations.

In addition to humanitarian and charitable activities, ZDOROVI takes an active public position and, together with partners - national and international foundations and organizations, works on strategic issues of support, restoration and development of the medical industry.

Since the beginning of the year, representatives of the ZDOROVI team have been participating in the program “Building the Organizational Capacity of Americares Partners in Ukraine”. Last week, ZDOROVI took part in a 3-day workshop organized by the NGO “Girls” as part of the program. In the Open Space format, the participants actively discussed, shared their experiences and initiated their own topics that are relevant today for charitable and public organizations.

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