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Ukrainian doctors to learn how to communicate with veterans

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More than 900,000 veterans of Russia's war against Ukraine are registered in Ukraine.

In early February, the first training session of ZDOROVI's Doctor & Veteran training course aimed at improving communication between medical professionals and war veterans will take place. It will be conducted by ZDOROVI team coaches Tetiana Kuzmenko and Iryna Pashkevych. A total of 65 such events are planned.

According to Natalia Tulinova, the founder of the national humanitarian agency ZDOROVI, more than 900,000 veterans of the Russian war against Ukraine are registered in Ukraine. These are defenders who require special attention from society, in particular from representatives of medical institutions where they undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

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The goal of the trainings is to help doctors and healthcare professionals develop effective processes of medical support for war veterans.

The project's trainers will share patient-centered communication techniques for building a dialogue with people who have experienced war trauma, feelings, fears and needs of veterans, features of support, and the model from conflict to partnership.

The purpose of the Doctor & Veteran training course is to establish effective communication during treatment, rehabilitation and counseling of war veterans in hospitals.

"Communication with veterans should be as moral as possible and aimed at preventing conflict situations. During the training course, the trainers of our team will share with medical professionals effective tools for communicating with patients who have experienced war trauma," said Natalia Tulinova.

"Patient-oriented communication has its own peculiarities, so we will work to make it a harmonious part of the work of Ukrainian doctors with war veterans and other sensitive categories of patients," added trainer Tetiana Kuzmenko.

The "Doctor & Veteran" training course will be implemented in the format of online trainings, recorded video sessions, and educational materials. With the help of the course, more than 5,000 healthcare professionals will be able to get useful information on the topic and integrate it into their workflow.

"We understand that doctors themselves need support, as they work under constant stress because of the war. Therefore, during the trainings, we will consider the needs of both parties to the communication, both veterans and medical professionals," summarized Iryna Pashkevych, the course trainer.

For ten years of work, the ZDOROVI team has conducted more than 200 trainings and workshops for heads of medical institutions and doctors in the areas of strategic planning, crisis management, reputation management, service communications and patient-centered solutions. The training course "Doctor & Veteran" is organized by ZDOROVI in partnership with the Dutch foundation Vastenactie.

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