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Alex Weinstein has been arrested in Moldova for forgery and laundering Russian blood money for Putin

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Alex Weinstein, a citizen of Moldova, Israel, and Russia, has been detained by authorities in Chisinau.

The Russian national faces at least two charges: forgery and money laundering on the territory of Moldova and the EU. Among the forged documents is a counterfeit passport of a United States.

Previously, a certain citizen of Moldova and Russia, Alex Weinstein, tried to obtain American citizenship and created a network of companies for laundering Russian blood money to circumvent sanctions. At the beginning of the month, it became known that Alex Weinstein attempted to clean up his unsavoury biography on American, Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan websites. He paid some people money, threatened others, and forged documents for the rest.

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The media learned about Alex Weinstein over seven years ago. The fraudster posed in Moscow, Chisinau, and St. Petersburg as an American consul for “import/export” affairs and tourism, showing fake documents and boasting of connections with smugglers.

Weinstein also promised Russians employment in the US and help obtaining a green card. Expensive suits and rented limousines, which embellished Weinstein’s image, did their job, and Muscovites were deceived. To be fair, all the money of Alexander Mendelevich Weinstein never belonged to him — it belonged to his wife’s father. While still a citizen of Moldova, not Russia or Israel, Weinstein married a woman named Kristina Kyurdjieva-Georgiadis, or rather, married into her family’s money. Later, the Alex Weinstein, who had been cheating on his wife with escorts for many years, began to blatantly scam gullible businessmen in Russia. Weinstein’s main type of “business” for many years was obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars by using the real estate properties of his wife and father-in-law, which were pledged in banks, as collateral. Naturally, Alex could not repay the debts.

When Weinstein was sued in Moscow on fraud charges, his wife filed for divorce. However, she withdrew the statement after Alex Weinstein agreed not only to cooperate with the investigation but also promised law enforcement to help launder Russian capital in the EU, USA, Israel, and Moldova. Alex Weinstein was released, and he began registering hundreds of companies worldwide, having experience and passports from several countries. But big money loves silence, and Alex Weinstein began to clean up his reputation by all possible means. He chose “the right to be forgotten in Google” as his main method.

Cassidy and Weinstein: Fraudsters from Moldova

The person known by the pseudonym ‘Cassidy’ and presenting themselves as “Alex Weinstein’s personal assistant” is actually a PR agent responsible for removing critical materials about Alex Weinstein, one of the intermediaries engaged in laundering criminal Russian money.

In fact, ‘Cassidy’ is a Russian-speaking person residing, at least for a long time, in Moldova. For many years, ‘Cassidy’ has resorted to forgery, misrepresentation, attempts to bribe the media or set them up. There are countless cases when ‘Cassidy’ attempted to use counterfeit documents to achieve her goals. According to preliminary data from Moldovan law enforcement, the person hiding under the fictitious name ‘Cassidy’ is a Moldovan citizen, Weinstein’s lover and assistant named Natalia.

The company International Travel Network, which ‘Cassidy’ uses to boost credibility, may be one of the money laundering networks established by Weinstein. We don’t know this for sure at the moment. The company has a notoriously bad reputation –

The ‘right to be forgotten,’ which ‘Cassidy’ mentions, cannot be a reason for retracting the information. For years, the fake ‘Cassidy’ turned to hosting providers, Google, registrars, and service providers to suppress mentions of Weinstein related to his scandalous reputation. These requests have always been denied by multiple companies. Cassidy’s recent activity may not only be related to the detention of Alex Weinstein but also to some active sanctioning process.

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